24 - 27 October

Crossfit + Yoga Weekend


It’s half term. It’s the Crossfit Open. It’s a long way till Christmas. We are getting away from the city for high intensity fitness followed by proper recovery in the sun, fresh air, crystal clear water, with delicious food and the most supportive crew.


  • 3 nights accommodation at the award-winning Fig Tree Villa by the sea.

  • Wake up with the sunrise.

  • Access the open gym, paddleboard or go for a seaside walk anytime.


We have with us an incredible team of coaches to lead and support you over the weekend.


  • Morning and Evening yoga with Lucy Marshall.

  • 3 mediterranean-style balanced meals a day with the freshest local ingredients, planned by pH Nutrition to fuel your performance and help your recovery. 

  • Afternoon protein snacks.

  • Recover with a hike through the spectacular local gorge.

24 - 27 October 2019 | £450-£500
from 90.00

All the varied fitness you can pack into 4 days!

Your coaches: Chris Rigby (CrossFit), Lucy Marshall (Yoga), Patricia Baez (pH Nutrition).

This weekend is about giving your best in the Crossfit Open, then recovering to the full with yoga, swimming, hiking, eating the freshest food and making new friends.

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Your Coaches


Lucy Marshall

Yoga Teacher, Sundsvall, Sweden